Morphing from center

Was inspired by Escher’s Series of metamorphoses by the woodcut 1937 n002.

And I got this:


Grasshopper definition here: Centerwaves_points

For this definition, I used image sampler and interpolate curves to create this curved effect. I didn’t quite like the fact that there was overlapping of the points in the middle, but it was due to the fact that the points used by the horizontal curves and the points for the vertical curves are different.

I might have to try another one with them coming from the same points..

Time to crack my head once again//

centerwaves_nointerlap [Converted]-01

Grasshopper definition here: No interlap

Oops, to solve this definition, it was enough just tweaking one of the sliders to end at max 3.1, So that the curves don’t go too high till they intersect. Hmmmm.

———————– & finally!

Breaking them into tiles!!!


Tools to note:



-Path Mapper

-Flip matrix

TADAAAAAA… Now time for play~

koyaktiles [Converted]


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