Organic Fruit bowl

Hi everyone!


What I’m trying to do here is to replicate this organic fruit bowl in grasshopper. Why? Because I’ve been researching on how to create organic shapes that looks REALLY organic ( I tried combining different sizes of spheres in my poly days before. It looks unnatural :/) and since we’re doing something that can be designed with numbers (grasshopper) , I decided to give it a go 😀


I was browsing through the functions on Grasshopper and found this function called metaball ( sounds pretty cool :D) and I sort of research it online and saw numerous outcome that looks like that one I want to achieve and I did manage to try it out.

SO, here’s the basic definition that you can toggle around to create different outcomes. The result is pretty amazing to me because it gives you that randomness and organic result that is hard to achieve in rhino whereby you need to create different sizes of sphere to get that same effect. Plus, it’s faster and easier to control the flow compared to rhino .

metaball testmetaball result

Key takeaways:

Hexagonal grid – Generates a default shaped grid that you can change e dimension and work within it.

Random – This function helps to generate the random placement of the points (numbers) which helps in doing irregularity forms I guess?

Plane Orgin – As what the name mention. What it does in my definition is to help ‘section’ the contours so that you can adjust the steps in the Z direction.

The downside is , I’m still trying to figure out how control it into the shape I wanted as currently I’m working on a flat plane instead of a surface to map on. :/

File :

Will share other methods of making this as much as I can 😀 cheers!


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