Triangulated Dress
dress pipped.42

This piece is done in relation to my Thesis project. I am exploring on paper and structure. For this, I started out wanting to do a dress through tessellation.

This is done through triangle tessellation mapped onto a silhouette created in Rhino. I pipped the end product to create a physical rigid form.


Hi I’m Jessica.
I’m in my final year and I took grasshopper to help me with my thesis project.

For my Avatar, I mirrored it by reducing the size of the image by 1/2 and coincidently a lion head was formed in the middle. The avatar is then layered with different shades of blue in Illustrator.


One thought on “TOH, JESSICA

  1. Hi i was looking at the tutorials and realised that the interface that i have is slightly different from whats shown in tutorial. for example, i dont have the logic and scaler tab. please help!

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