Exploratory Track: π, Φ and Euler’s number e

In order to see a clear differences between all of the above mentioned irrational numbers, I need at least 3 (one of each) models and compare them concurrently.

So first of all I unroll the gross looking cylinder back then into a simple tile. And using the same logic on π, I created two other tiles from Φ and e;

three tiles


Strangely similar as it seems, they are, however, very different in nature. All of them seems to have the squiggly, creased and crumpled tiles. Each tiles contained 10000 points (100 by 100), representing till the 10,000th decimal points of the respective irrational numbers.

Using these tiles, I thought it would be cool to form a cube just for fun!

Since a cube has six sides, each of the irrational numbers will just occupy at least two sides (opposite to each other). The problem to solve here is that since the border of each tiles cannot matched up correctly with other tiles, I would need to create a border just to link them up together.

First off, I created a larger tile to accommodate the border. Secondly, I need to select the inner tile carefully with domain defined. Afterwards I would need to extract that inner tile out so that I can apply my logic to generate a surface like the picture above. Next, I have to merge the calculated surface points with the border points again. Since the merging will mess up the points numbering, I need to sort those points out by x and y coordinates. Lastly, I interpolate those points together to create a similar surface but with borders to link up better.

And then with a series of rotation and translation, I created the gross looking cube (lol):


As gross as the cylinder hahah. But with more irrational numbers!


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