continued side track

After achieving the box with a sphere center, I decided to move on to beautifying the end product.

First off we would need to obtain the intersection of a voronoi cube and a sphere, which will give us a voronoi sphere as an end product. However there is a problem in the end product; there are holes in which the voronoi algorithm is unable to calculate (glitchy glitchy voronoi). So to fill it up, we have to separate the Open Boundary Representation (Open Brep) from the Close Brep. After that we’ll explode those Open Brep into its Vertices, Edges and Faces. We will be focusing just the vertices.

Next, we will need to draw lines from those vertices to the Origin, since the voronoi function is unable to do it for us. And by weaving, we will loft the alternating lines together one surface at a time. Then we join the Breps together and cap it properly this time. Lastly, we replace those Open Brep with the newly Closed Brep we generated.

And done! The voronoi sphere is now completed without any holes in it! (It was the hardest of all to solve)

To view it better, I sort of “explode” the voronoi sphere:

exploded voronoi sphere

and so I added a sphere to it, to make it looks like the Earth is cracking (or sort of):

crack sphere



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