Exploratory Side Track: Comparison

And sooooooo instead of adding the three special irrational numbers together, I compare them instead!

as long as the numbers in the corresponding decimal places is the same, I will take note of their position and make sense out of it.

The result is: out of 10000, only 98 occurrences are identical. Which means that it is 0.0098% identical! They are very, very different irrational numbers (well, duh).

So to represent that significant, I drew a sphere with 10000 defined points on it. And since i already knew the position of the decimal, I make a point on the sphere as well. So this is how it looks like (after drawing a circle around that point to make it look more obvious):

circle on sphere

After which I proceed to play with 3D voronoi.

sphere in broken glass

It looks like a sphere trapped inside a broken glass cube! Too bad you can’t see that when it’s rendered. So the last thing i did was to some sort of explode the voronoi outwards to see better.

Here’s the result:

exploded voronoi


It looks artistic but I believe it will be a lot difficult to print it out hahah 😡



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