Exploratory Track: extended π

I though of a another way to look at π different, especially since I can do info-graphics for grasshopper.

I called in his brothers; ϕ and e. All three of them ( π, ϕ and e) exhibit the same random number patterns; irrational and infinite. Ask ourselves, what happens when I add the corresponding digits in all three of them? Like, first decimal place of each of them add together… Followed by the second decimal place of each of them… So on and so forth until I reached the one millionth (well, anymore the grasshopper will crash instead) decimal place.

Since the minimum value is 0 (0+0+0=0) and maximum value is 27 (9+9+9=27), I can assign the number 1 as the letter ‘a’ and number 26 as the letter ‘z’. The number 0 can be used as white space (space bar in this case) while number 27 can be used as a full stop.

Hence to each of every addition I’ve made, I changed them into letters according to the assignment as mentioned above. After which I use the string match to search for a particular word from the list I created. And finally, a counter to count how many times that word appeared in the list.

These are the few words which I tried searching for:

world = 1;
happy = 0; sad = 5; angry = 0;
good = 4; evil = 3;
love = 4; hate = 1;
god = 41; devil = 0;
up = 691; down = 2;
live = 4; dead = 0;
push = 3; pull = 13;

The longer the word, the smaller the chance of existing inside that list (well, it’s just the first one million decimal places anyway). There isn’t any graphical representation at the moment so please wait while I’m working on it!

Word Finder


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