Exploratory Track: π

The first thing I did was to find π to it’s one millionth decimal places. Partly because i wanted to test the Grasshopper’s capability of handling large numbers. To my dismay, it can only handle up till ten thousand digits before it started lagging and not responding. And because Grasshopper can only recognize digits per line, I have to use Visual Studio C++ to create new files that contains one digit per new line.

Next, I was thinking what can I do with random numbers that has to do with Circles? So I think along the line of Cylinder with different radius along the height, using the numbers of the π’s decimal. So first of i would create a number of circles of the same radius but varying the height (z direction).

Circle Cylinder

After which i make perpendicular frames around each of the circles i created. That number of Perp frames varies with the number slider. And to each of the Perp frames, I drew a circle according to the decimal digits of the π. For example π = 3.14159… So the circles on the Perp frames are of radius 3, 1, 4, 1, 5, 9, etc etc.

Circle radius

Then I subdivide each small circles into 10 divisions. Why do I do that? Well, because I want to interpolate those outer most points from the bottom most large circle to the top most large circle. And to do that I subdivide each small circles into 10 division, and pick out every 5th point (which is the outer most point).

At the same time each of the larger circle have different digits from the π’s decimal place. In order to ensure none of the digits is being repeated, I have to carefully list of the domain as shown.


Hence with proper mathematical calculations, I have several variables that allows me to control the height, width, and the number of digits used for this weird looking cylinder.



I know it looks a little bit gross but I am working on it. I am advised to work along the line of random numbers with respect to unlocking the secrets of π itself.


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