Replicating an object using Grasshopper

I’ve decided to replicate the Art Science Museum. Is that how you spell it? Anyways, it might look simple. From the looks of it, its a replication of a certain crescent-like shape which pivots at a point. At the same time, the height of each crescent-like part seems to decrease (if you look at it clock-wise from the top). Will upload the progress soon. This is going to be fun.



Ok, back with updates. On the first attempt, I tried to replicate the artscience museum’s curves and loft every side. It was not really easy though. Haha.. Ok, as you can see the height of the individual parts are the same. Without calculating the width of every part, I came to see that all of it does not fit nicely with each other after the rotation. Take a look.



On to the next attempt. This time around, I make the parts of different heights in Rhino 1st and link it to BRep. Next, they are placed close to each other and rotated. This time, it fits quite nicely with each other because before hand, I had segmented a circle into 10 equal parts, so that I would roughly know how much each part’s width. It does not really look quite alike, but….




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