Make your own wallpaper clock

Hey guys,

Im back after some time away. Well, let me update what I’ve been doing so far.

My intention was at first was to make a object that takes unique data from an individual(birthday, month and year) and with it, shapes the object. However, as I as beginning to work on the grasshopper definition to translate time, the outcome became more of a clock instead of an object. It is now a clock that revolves around the idea of point attractors and the attracting item is a line pivoted from the centre, just like a clock.

I wanted to show the beauty of this animation as the clock hands rotates round and round. With Clement’s input, in the end the definition would be an animation showing an analog clock with a digital face. Though it was quite tedious to export each and every rotation of the hour, minute and second hands, the animation on powerpoint looks quite good.

As I was searching on way to convert powerpoint presentations into a video(because I wanted to present it in video format), I stumbled upon a website that provides steps for you to make your own working clock and use it as your wallpaper. The link is here.

Well, apparently you’ll need a few things, but mainly, you need to prepare all 12 Hour hands, 60, Minutes hands and 60 Seconds hand(png files). You can actually put date, month and year too. However, once I’ve completed the folder and run it, it seems as though it does not work that well. Quite weird. At times the hour hand goes missing and the second hand never even shows up. Well, you guys can try it anyways.

The images below are the samples of the clock I did. The first 3 images are all the hands in their respective groups. Looks like fireworks. Kinda interesting the circles that every group attract, if goes full circle can illustrate some pattern. The other 3 images below are the sample of the clock which was presented on week 10.

All HourAll min All sec time1 time2 time3

As for further improvements for the week 12 submission, rather that making and RGB clock that once overlaps changes colour according to the colour mix, I’ll proceed in making a classic black and white clock. I’ll populate the background with the circles too, as for the current one doesn’t seem to be that impactful with the blank background.


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