Further Developments

Yay!!! Finally manage to find out how to map my textures onto a surface!!

And actually it is very simple…. By using ‘Map to Surface’

But it took me 2 hours to find out!!

Hopefully anybody else with the same issue, can save some time looking for it..


Below is mapped onto a wavy surface:




This is mapped onto a  cylinder:







One thought on “Further Developments

  1. Hi Mabel, I saw this definition that happens works perfectly for a small project I’m working on. I’m a graduate student in Architecture and only been playing with grasshopper for about a year now. On your last part of this definition you were able to ‘Map to Surface’ these spikes to any shape. I’ve tried imitating your last steps but can not get it to work on another surface type that I have in Rhino. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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