Grasshopper Exploration 1 – Spikes

I am interested in how simple geometric shapes like triangle could join together and form spikes.

I started this exploration of forms by folding an origami of  an interesting pattern I saw. From the paper model, I could play with the movements of the different spikes.

photo 1 edited

I transferred the pattern into Grasshopper. Below is how the whole definition and pattern looks like.

With this definition, I can edit the pattern by (1) adjust the height of the spikes, (2) adjust the size of the triangles and (3) increase or decrease the amount of tessellation.

Spikes 1

A brief explanation of my definition:

Spikes 6

Below are the steps involved:

Spikes 2 Spikes 3 Spikes 4 Spikes 5

Attached below is the link for the definition in Grasshopper:



This page has the following sub pages.

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