space and curiosity

I spotted (from the bus) a few children playing and peeking though slits at the rock sculptures outside the National Museum of Singapore one day while passing by. I had never seen people interact with the sculptures like that before…

I wondered then, how can space intrigue curiosity?

When you can only see through a small slit
When pipes are so big that they leave little space to see through
More inquisitiveness emerges
Less space to see
More space to wonder
More space to play

0828111808 roller slide mblinds (4)

Playing with the pipe radius in grasshopper, I was able to quickly visualise in real time how it might yield different interactions and reactions from people. Also, I thought that if the pipes were thick enough and close enough to each other, it creates a surface like the roller slide (see above).

pipe thickness and its corresponding views. 27feb


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