Exploration 1 – Bendable Slits

This form was inspired by how a paper lantern is made. 










I was inspired by the fluidity involved when a line bends into a curve.

In grasshopper, I am able to adjust the (i)length of the slits (ii)bending of the curve (iii)proportion of the straight line and the arc (iv)number of slits (v)distance between the slits.
Bendable slits (straight)









The above snapshot is taken when the number slider = 0 (where the slits are straight)

Bendable slits (bent)









After adjusting the number slider, the slits bend to form the pattern as shown in the snapshot above.


The following snapshots show explanations of certain parts of the definition.

Bendable slits explanation of definition4 Bendable slits explanation of definition3 Bendable slits explanation of definition2 Bendable slits explanation of definition1

































Here’s the link to the grasshopper definition:



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