Exploration I

My first exploration is through segmenting a form out of its own form, the first experimentation was dissecting a cube and using a smaller cube (by one step e.g. 9×9 from 10×10) to interlink every block.



I furthered this exploration by keeping the propagation of the geometry to a flat layer where this method of ‘chain-linking’ could be made into a flexible ‘fabric’ surface.

This first experimentation was done using 3 layers of the original cube, with the center ‘sandwiched’ layer interlinking the 2 surfaces, this experiment shows how this method of chain linking could possibly add thickness and possibly added strength of the ‘fabric’.



Next I tried to keep the surface simple but limiting the ‘fabric’ to a single layer. This was achieved by merging the interlinking layer into the same plane as the first, however varying its height to accommodate the ‘chain-link’.

s2 s3s1




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