Exploration “Rubber”

Inspired from different variety of rubber band sizes and its elasticity properties, while being captivated towards the aesthetic transience and imperfection beauty of point-to-point connections from a surface to another.

Rubber2By providing range and function through mathematical plotting of calculated points, which forms a flexible sheet that can be stretched to individual desire. This creates a basis of metamorphic surfaces, thus allowing connection of surface-points to surface-points to take place within the boundary of two surfaces. By connecting single points to the other and amending the space/size of the points on the surface, provides a good visual understanding through experimentation of point-to-point with different surfaces.


Rubber3With such exploration, it could contribute to more a flexible understanding of shelters design study to even small landscape objects study such as a table lamp which could be found in our everyday life.


Rubber1With the origin of a simple definition concept, what lies ahead is the many great implementation possibilities, waiting to be uncovered.

The definition can be downloaded here:



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