moi2 [Converti]

Hey I am Malek an exchange student in NUS for this year, originally I am doing a double degree in Mathematics & Industrial Design in France (Paris) at University Pierre & Marie Curie and at l’ENSCI Les Ateliers.

Why this module :

I try to use my math skills trough Grasshopper  to generate some forms. Pass from the theory to the materiality.

The logic behind my Personal Avatar :

There is no logic, I just simplified the original code in the aim to understand the logic of grasshopper, so I plotted circles that I scaled, then I changed the colour with Illustrator to create a deep effect.


Precedent Study :

Project 1 :


the project was in partnership with the publishing house Bayard .

The issue was to find a way through the numeric to convert the traditional method of distribution of the publishing house ,

so we proposed a tab for children distributed by Bayard, the children receive the news directly in his tab, and could store the content as he want, the tab also allow the user to stay in touch with the subscriber if he is friend with them.

Project 2 :



This is a paperweight did for a courses where were visiting exhibitions of contemporary arts around Paris, and at the end of the semester we were suppose to find a way to express how we found the course.

So I  took all the documentation that I have collected, cut them in stripes roll them and I casted them in a resin,

the logic behind that was to illustrate all the  density of the arts we saw during the semester, and chose to display on the cube faces all the exhibition I’ve liked the most, so that even if we didn’t memorize all what we have seen, there is some details which catch our attention, and this is the most important.


Project 3 :

Capture d’écran 2013-02-19 à 23.33.57


The project was for an exhibition to celebrate the 100th birthday of the supraconductivity (physical phenomena).

I wanted to make the exhibition more interractive so I built a game which use the supraconductivity properties to make the peoples understand the phenomena and understand the difference between supraconducator and magnets.



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