The Sectionimal – gt_P2

dzn_The-Sectionimal-by-gt_2P-07dzn_The-Sectionimal-by-gt_2P-08   dzn_The-Sectionimal-by-gt_2P-03

The sectionimal table is part of a series of parametric furniture generated by an algorithmic program of links (fitting) called SECTION, designed by the Chilean studio gt_2P.

What distinguishes the SECTION Program is its capacity to construct complex volumes by means of two-dimensional links. In order to achieve this, the program uses generative modulators such as grasshopper (KAD or KCAD), in which algorithms that efficiently integrate design and digital fabrication are developed.

A relevant characteristic of the modulators is its ability to enable a designed program to adapt the table parameters, its shape, xyz dimensions, material density, number of sections, tolerances according to materials and endings that conform to the user’s specific requirements.

reported by Mabel Low


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