The Qatar Foundation’s Education City – Arata Isozaki

tree structure p2 tree structure p1

Logic behind the piece subtropical banyan tree has aerial roots braced at several places in the sloping truck and manages to support itself on this inclination. The stress level is equalized by the principle of uniform stress, which is implemented by evolving individual shapes – a process guided by self-organizing capabilities of living creatures

In 2003, this theory was put to the test through the construction of  The Qatar Foundation’s Education City in Doha. The bending of structural element is minimized throughout the entire structure, with the reference variable of von Mises stress being equally distributed in order to achieve a structurally rational shape without mechanical wastage

The structural tubes were produced at a factory in Malaysia while 455km of cable were shipped from Canford (40km of the new D’n’A cable suitable for digital and analogue signals launched at IBC and PLASA, 100km of data cabling and 24km of the BBC PSF1/6 RCM – a 50Ω miniature coaxial cable)

Fabrication method
Through collaboration between factories and electronic manufacturers

reported by – Vivek


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