Quasi Table – Aranda/Lasch (New York)

Quasi table top Quasi table side

Logic behind the piece
In 1974, Roger Penrose had discovered his pattern through trail and error, identifying two tile put together in a certain way, would accomplish an aperiodic covering of the plane. To form this, it resorts to using projection from a higher dimension down onto our more familiar 3D space. Meaning, the object is an intersection between 3D objects and the shadows of the higher dimensions falling onto the object of interest which forms the pattern shown below

Quasi table pattern

This would depend on the usage of the object (E.g table in-discussion). For this exploration, the New York based architectural studio decided to explore the theory, proposed by Roger Penrose, futher rather than solidifying the intermediate processes

Fabrication method
Depends on the material used and on the need for structural support if the quasi-based object lacks the strength to support itself

reported by – Vivek


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