Phoenix – Scott Burns

phoenix- scott burns

This 2d graphic design consists of simple quadratic recurrence involving the inverse of the golden ratio, (√5-1)/2, which is trapped by a braid-shaped orbit trap to produce the warm-colored shapes. The cool-colored shapes are produced by trapping orbits that wander very far (>1010) in the horizontal direction.

There is no manipulation of the image –no hand coloring or drawing. Control of the technique is achieved through the artist’s selection and manipulation of the mathematical equation, the orbit traps, and the color mapping that relates terminating events to pixel colors. The artist’s manipulations of the code tend to be global in nature, as compared to the local manipulations one achieves with a paintbrush.

The text of the computer program that implements the above process is included on the back of each piece, or in some cases, is printed on the bottom of the larger pieces. It is written in a generic computer language that is straightforward to translate to any of the commonly used programming languages.

The final print is produced on a wide format printer (Epson 7600), using archival quality inks and papers. The work is offered in signed and numbered limited editions, using acid free materials for matting and framing.

Reported by- [XuYing]


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