Miss Maple – Elisa Strozyk


Based on the priciple of her lovely ‘Wooden Textiles’ the German designer Elisa Strozyk recently created this delicate and sculptural pendant light. The flexible wooden surface consists of fragmented veneer which is attached to a textile base. The translucent gaps create a beautiful topography of warm light.

1.63.1327342838.missmaple5jpgtimthumb (1)

The geometric and sculptural is at the center of Elisa Strozyk design; she says of her piece: “While the lamp generates warm light at night the surface outside becomes more evident with daylight and turns the lamp into a sculptural object.”

Channeling an aesthetic similar to geometric games, she created what she simply calls wooden textile. The new material can be used for the creation of new sculptural objects — as seen with her this pendent lamp. And despite being constructed from rigid wood, the textile is flexible due to its calculated triangular symmetry (any random triangulation is usually not as flexible as studies in structural rigidity show). As a result, the lamp’s shape can be altered with ease.

“I am using different textiles like silk, Lycra or micro fibre as backings. Depending on the weight and stiffness each surface shows a different behaviour. Lycra for example is very fluid and turns the wooden textile into a highly flexible surface”, the designer explains.


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Reported by Malvina


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