Milan Exhibition Hall – Massimiliano Fuksas




Freeform Construction combines high levels of automation and computer control with the design and construction process.  It is based on an existing technology known as Rapid Manufacturing. In its simplest form, you will be able to build literally any design or shape of building and at any scale. As each layer is printed you can create all the channels and ducts required for ventilation and air conditioning.  You can print in optical fibre networks and you can print in really complex structures digitally scanned from respiratory and circulatory systems to serve the same function in our own dwellings.  These are the self-regulating and adaptive structures we find in nature that we can print into the walls to make buildings which do not use electricity to regulate our environment.

This mass structure of the exhibition hall are by using simple geometry. Its amazing at how long the structure stretches all the way from one end to the other end of the exhibitions halls. It seems as though this structure is a long carpet that falls down from above and provide a layer of shelter. It shapes accordingly to the exhibitions halls on the left and right.. It shows that these geometrical forms can also be slightly organic.

– By Junaidi


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