Hidden is a strong and complex sculptural design. Where some see a bird’s nest or the root of a plant (or maybe the root of the flower placed in the vase), others see the tentacles of some alien creature landed on Earth to conquer the human race.

Another unique aspect of the Hidden vase is that it not only can be used as a conventional vase, but it also allows the user to easily weave a variety of plants or other decorations through its “branches.” The result is, aside from decorative, paradoxical: an object made of plastic, perhaps the most artificial material created by mankind, that imitates the branches of a tree and serves to hold, within and around itself, any type of flower or plant.

If you look carefully you can just about see the actual vessel; hidden deep within an orderly disorder of vein-like structures which reach out like a web of probing tentacles. In fact, you could be forgiven for thinking that here’s the model of a human artery feeding the living organism placed inside it – sounds creepy but looks utterly intriguing

Allowing branch extension from created points around a stem by evaluating and randomizing points around the curve of the main body. The final piece 3D printed through SLS(selective laser sintering) made from white polyamide(nylon).


reported by Chiok Jun Hua Ivan


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