Gömböc by Gabor Domokos?



This weird shape of a pebbly thing is a Gomboc. What is a Gomboc you ask? Its a special shape that always balances back to its original position after agitation!

Here’s the math: http://www.gomboc-shop.com/app/urwfilter/mathinfo/do/index.html

And well, it’s here cos you’re never going to do such mathwork in Rhino without Grasshopper.

” This odd shape has only two points it could possibly balance upon, and the point on top is too “pointed” to be stable. So, if you roll a gömböc around, it will soon right itself, returning to an upright position because of its shape, not because of any internal irregularities.”

Brought to you by Ivan Tan 🙂


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