Escapism by Iris van Herpen


Design: Iris van Herpen

Escaping from everyday reality through addictive digital entertainment incites in Iris van Herpen not only feelings of emptiness but also associations with the grotesque, the extreme and the fantastic. This collection aims to capture both the exaltation of these addictions, like the disproportionate attention for celebrities (the ‘new heroes’) and its dark flipside, the never fulfilled hunger that is inherent to it.

Software and Engineering services
The creative collaboration between Iris van Herpen and Daniel Widrig resulted in 3D models of intense beauty and intricacy. However, when converting complex designs such as these into a format that can be printed (.stl), errors can appear throughout the design. With Materialise’s Magics software, these errors were swiftly detected and repaired, playing an integral role in the success of the printing process. Practical advice was also available for other aspects integral to the 3D printing process like dimensions and part thickness.


Reported by Jessica Toh


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