Conseptual design of button – Mak David

Natural buttons

Logic behind the piece
The objective of this exploration done by Mak David was to see whether it was possible to create buttons which were intuitive to the user and crosses all perceptive boundaries. If a button could be make in such a way that the position of holding it (through the sense of touch) could automatically renders the user to operate in a single sensible direction (e.g twist, push, pull); the design becomes simplistic and elegant.

To arrive at this design was to find a surface which the human hand would feel comfortable holding without the fear of pricks. One of the surfaces which come to mind would be a cylinder. The next step would be to squeeze the cylinder to the initial position of the hand if it were to operate in a certain direction. For example, if the button were to be twisted to turn it ‘on’, then as shown in the picture as the first object, the initial design should forces/guide the user’s hand in that manner. Hence, the need for a twist formation in the cylindrical object.

This would depend on the usage of the button. For this exploration, Mak David decided to used smooth ceramic

Fabrication method
Mak David does not get details about the fabrication process. It might be possible that due to the nature of this exploration, the need to externalize it was not the goal

reported by – Vivek


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