CD rack assembly – Tan Yan Ling

CD rack

Logic behind the piece
The main idea was to used the least amount of storage space when not in use without compromising on functionality.  There are several ways to accomplish this like stack-able boxes or through innovate usage of existing space found with the user’s environment. In this design,  Tan Yan Ling used the method of compression and rarefaction of triangle slots made out of cardboard to make it light and compact.

Her inspiration came from her visit to the music store where she found an accordion. The expansion and contraction of the bands to create musical notes gave her the idea of using everyday material (cardboard) to expand when needed and remain contract when not in use


Fabrication method
By hand, since the material used was readily available and a penknife would be sufficient to make the required cuts to form the final design

reported by – Vivek


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