Bear – Kamiisu

how to make bear_boronoi bear_lawn



This is part of a series of bears done by Kamiisu. The bear can be modeled as an organic rounded form and simply meshed to get the polygonal shape. Otherwise, it could be done by paneling the surface like in digitaltoolbox. to make the unrollable surface, you could use PEPAKURA! or in grasshopper- it seems like the panels were linked according to increasing angles. and the pattern splits where the angle decreases. Then its simply a matter of unrolling like in digitaltoolbox, and defining adhesion flaps on edges.

The webby looking one (called boronoi) is probably just a weaverbird function. Or you could also soften the edges in other 3D modeling softwares like 3dsmax.

brought to you by ivan tan 🙂


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