Art of π – Cristian Ilies Vasile

It is random, non-repetitive sequence of numbers that goes on to infinity.

Martin Krzywinski @MKrzywinski

(Source:, artist: Cristian Ilies Vasile)

What seem random can create a pattern in a circle; if you observe carefully you can see a star within another star within another star (starception!)

What the artist use is Circos, which is a Circular Visualization Software. If this art were to be fabricated, it is possible to use coloured strings to join up from one number to the next.

The logic behind this is pretty simple; just join up the numbers together according to the decimal places of π. For the above art piece, the artist use π’s decimal places up to the 10,000 digit.

The website also shows Phi (φ), and the mathematical constant e = (1 + 1/n)^n. Since all of the 3 irrational constants exhibit the same behavior, I will be just focusing on π.

reported by Alexander Tan Sze Hui


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