A Wrong Mongrel – Ross Barber

The idea behind the “A Wrong Mongrel” collection is to discard the conventional design process in favour of an approach guided by technique. From a functional object, the 3D printed nylon “tendril” becomes an aesthetic decoration. The material that envelops Barber’s shoes is composed of nylon and is made using 3D printers. According to Barber, the cost of the material and the process is not sustainable for a commercial prototype, therefore it is presented as an experimental project.

With this fusion experiment, Barber wants to show the metamorphosis that occurs in the design process, in which each of the eight “Metamorphosis” soles represents a different stage of the mutation.

Ross Barber 3D Printed Shoes 2Ross Barber 3D Printed Shoes 2

Previewing carbon black ‘soft-touch’ flexible material with sponsorship from EOS, and utilising optimised material structures from Within Labs – which create the organic sole and overshoe structures by generating honeycomb like structures in a software package normally used for medical implants and aerospace engineering applications. The shoes were also on the catwalk at the V&A graduate show, proving that the technology is now going beyond just prototyping and into the realms of manufacturing real product solutions.

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Reported by Malvina


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