132 5. by Issey Miyake & Jun Mitani


Design: Issey Miyake Reality Lab & Jun Mitani

Technique: Mathematical algorithm

Concept: 132 5. is based on the ideas of “Regeneration and Re-creation” and a continuation of his perpetual search for new ways to make “clothes that bring joy and happiness to wearers”.

First, a variety of three-dimensional shapes are conceived. Then, these shapes are folded into two dimensional forms with pre-set cutting lines that
determine their finished shape.

Finally, they are heat-pressed, to yield folded shirts, skirts, dresses etc. These clothes are significant not only for the process by which they were made but because they are also made using recycled PET products, sometimes in combination with other recycled fibres.

Jun Mitani (The Computer Scientist of the Collection)

Jun Mitani specialises in geometric modeling in the field of computer graphics. He has been studying algorithms and user interfaces for generating 3D shapes on a computer. He creates his works by designing a 3D origami structure with his software (ORI-REVO). He uses a cutting plotter to score folding lines. Then he folds it by hand.5187439350_298ab23f32_z_slide Jun-Mitani-Origami-1_detail_em


Reported by Jessica Toh


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