The Ground Explosion by Raveevarn Choksombatchai (principal), Robbie Crabtree, and Jeremy Steiner





There’s only one of these amazing amalgamations. But look, if enough people flip out over it, go nuts over it, break a blood vessel in their forhead for it, maybe it’ll be made on a large scale? Metal triangles embedded into the ground in a grid, a grid with the ability to hold triangles that appear to burst forth from the ground. Two planes pushing against each other.Lovely, isn’t it? The closest thing I’ve seen to this in my experience is a hole in the ground where an umbrella could be stuck, all this below a table surface outdoors. This idea, wow did they expand upon it. This also all shows the folding of the triangle in diffident ways and make a different  visualization to create. Alot of calculation  had to be done to form this . 

Reported by Vilvum Ramu


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